Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Choo Choo!

Oh darling! What fun I have been having! Oh gosh, I'm so exhausted from laughing. On Friday my great friend Robert called me and said his Aunt was having a party, would I like to go, because his Aunt had met my aquaintance when she was in Paris last year and we had been such great friends. She's quite old you know, but has such an incredible spirit - and she loves men! Oh my! It was to be a masked dance - can you believe?! How my heart sang when he told me! His current lover was terribly poorly so he asked if I would like to come instead... that day! How lucky for me that she has eaten some bad chicken, isn't it? Anyway, his Aunt lives in the south so we had to get the train that afternoon. It's so long since I went on the train. Aren't they great? All the people were so friendly. Even our cafe was served in small paper cups. I love it when things are different! Please try the train. It's great. I will go again on the train as soon as I can. When we arrived at the house, which was huge by the way, no, really enormous like a palace, there were already about 30 guests staying there and they were all drunk and dancing even though the party wasn't until the next night. On the Saturday we all went to the beach. Oh my! All of us sitting in the open air having drinks and lunch in bathing costumes and light dresses. I loved it. But I haven't told you about my costume! Well, because Nicole couldn't come, Robert had brought her outfit for me to wear. But we aren't the same size at all. She's quite tall and proud. No, not proud, broad. So his Aunt came in and saw that I looked like a child in her mother's clothes, and then she brought a maid to alter the costume. I felt like a queen. And, it was beautiful! It was peacock feathers at the back making an enormous tail that was standing up. Then it was a corset of emerald green and cobalt blue with some very small culottes. And the mask was the same peacock feathers with ruby stones - no! Not true rubies. I think glass! It was an incredible creation. And so many people were wearing something this colourful. It was one of the most magnicifent parties I have attended in so many years. There was a band there of six musicians and Robert's Aunt was wearing a red bodice made of giant sequins and her mask was like flames created in sequences and jewels. And she is 70 or more years old. Aw, what a great woman! Anyway, I was dancing with everyone there, and there was a man who watched me. I asked Robert who this is because I don't want to seek out the lover of his Aunt for example! Robert said this man had been an important contact of his late Uncle, and had been known as 'the shadow' because he used to travel around the world for his Uncle 'hiding problems'. This is what Robert said. I asked what problemes and he said, business affairs, and that I shouldn't ask any more. So I asked some more and Robert looked cross and told me to stop it! Oh the mystery! But really, I don't care about the buisiness problems. The man was standing proud like a dancer in his black jacket and black mask and I just wanted to know if he was there alone. And because he was alone, of course I went and stood near to him and waited. And waited. And then in a quiet voice he asked me my name - and I knew I would have him that night. Oh the party, and the loving with this man outside in the night in the garden and then later in my room, it was like a dream, and when I woke up yesterday morning he had vanished. A mysterious shadow! Parfait! A dream lover indeed. When I came downstairs in the late morning, the house was already tidy. Oh gosh to have people to clean after a party! Robert's Aunt was wide awake like a young girl and was so happy that I'd found such an intriguing lover at the party. We had some cafe in the garden and she told me, "The story is that he was a mercenary for hire. When he was younger he was working abroad and his wife was killed during the conflict. In spite of the emptiness and rage he must have, he has never loved again and never been heard to shout or lose his temper. He's a remarkable man, dear. I think you chose well. Now then, are you ready for mixed doubles at tennis? Don't play too well though. Robert is very competitive and will cry like a little boy if he loses." Oh what a memorable time! Oh what joy! Lzb

IS a probleme with a lover making you anxious and does it stop you sleeping in the night? Then tell me about it and maybe I can make suggestions lazybird@amginternet.net

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