Saturday, 8 August 2009

Object Love

Oh I heard the funniest thing today on the news. It's an American woman who is marrying a ride in the fair! I think it is important for women to have objects that are helpful in the bedroom, you know, but a fairground ride?! That's quite a big object, and what a sexual appetite this woman must have do you think? But the thrill will always be over so quickly... And so predicatable too, each time just like the last time. In the story it says that she keeps the spare nuts and bolts of the ride in her handbag so she feels close to it. Oh yes! I know some married women who do this to their husbands!

Last year another woman married the Eiffel Tower. I can't understand this at all. Yes it is phallic - but cold metal, that's not so sensuous is it. And it can't buy you dinner. Or telephone you. Lzb

IS your boyfriend less exciting than a lump of metal? Tell me why and I will offer advice for you to melt his cold heart (I'm like a poet do you think?)


  1. Okay, so if you are asking which inanimate object I would be willingly wed to..?
    Jude Law would do
    Or a swiss army..what do you call them?

  2. Oh hahhaaa! This comment is just fantastique. You make me laugh out aloud when I read it. Thank you so much. Jude Law! Haha.. oh but of course it is not the opinion of the management that Mr Law is beautiful but a poor actor. Pas du tout. ; )Lzb

  3. I was a bit cruel, wasn't I?
    Perhaps. Mr Law was great in Existenz and The Talented Mr Ripley and Road to Perdition...
    He just sold out.
    Here I am defending a joke I made on a blog by this cute french chick, like what, his lawyers are going to be phoning?!
    Or he sends his mum round?