Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hot water! Hot date!

Wow. First I have, how you say - a draught? When there is too few men? No - it's something like this... drught or drought maybe? Anyway, you know it I'm sure. Then suddenly I have a queue! Today the plumber came, and I can find this quite hard to face because before my father went a little mad and disappeared he was a plumber and the pipes and boiler and toilettes were always perfect. So when someone else comes to fix it, I feel a bit strange. And so today Felix the plumber came along in the afternoon. The last time I saw him was maybe four years ago. Anyway, today he brought his son. Oh my! What a beautiful man. He's tall and slender but a face like a model, great huge eyes and these incredible cheek bones and a small chin. Quite something. And so I was flirting with him a little - just joking because he's Felix's son - but he flirted back, and with such confidence too. Oh my. And he can't be more than 28 or 29 or something. Well while we were talking, the three of us, David asked me if he could buy me lunch on Saturday. And you know Felix laughed and said his son was an impudent boy - but I couldn't help myself but say yes. His self-assurance is something else. You know I consulted my astrology this week but it didn't say that my life will be raining men. Do you think they really can know what is going to happen? Lzb

DO you worry about what you can talk about with a man on your first date? Email me your thoughts and I can tell you if it's a good or bad idee!


  1. So all those cold showers have had a magical effect?
    Where's my spanner?
    And, can you recommend a good plummer, by any chance?

  2. Yes! You're right. Perhaps the cold water is giving my skin a youthful glow. You know a beautician told me once that ice is the best cure for nature and gravity. Ow! Yes you put ice around your chest and bottucks and this makes them lift. I don't try it. Do you want to try first and tell me how much they rise up?! Lzb