Saturday, 8 August 2009

Seule, amie, pastis!

Well, you know that David the plumber's son changed his plans today? Now, instead, I have an afternoon appointment with a great friend. Charley is an English friend here in Paris and she's so much fun. I like living in a big city like Paris because you can meet people from all over the world and each country really has it's own nature and you can experience this through the people. And so, Charley called me just now and asks me if I want to spend the afternoon with her. She has just separated from her lover this week and is a little sad and wants my company. Now I'm happy that David is cancelling our meeting. One of the funny things about spending time with Charley is that she drinks pastis and it upsets all the waiters in Paris! Really! In France it is only women in the south who drink this, not the 'sophisticated' women in the north. I find this such a funny rule and yet I can't order it because I know this is the rule. And anyway, I don't like it so much. Lzb

DO you forget your friends when you are with a new lover? Do you think this is alright? Do your friends like this behaviour? Tell me and I will tell the world for you.

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