Monday, 10 August 2009


Well, at last we arrive at my favourite topic: MEN. I think my whole life is dedicated to the study of these specimens (look, even specimens has the word 'men' inside it. Coincidence? I don't think so). Yesterday I met with Charley and we talked of her lover, and we talked of relationships, and we talked of men. For her, the lover was a good man but he didn't want to live with her, he didn't want children. He didn't want other women, I don't think so. He wanted to remain free of commitment. Poor Charley. She loved him a lot actually but we agreed that she has been waiting 18 months for him to changer his mind, and he won't do it. So then, as therapie, we drank some more (Charley pastis of course! Oh we laughed at the silly waiters), and we thought about the different kinds of men. By Sunday morning we decided there were three types:

1) The proprietor. This is a man who succeeds. He owns things. He wants to make the decisions. He is logical. He likes money and unemotional women and quiet children.

2) The farmer. This man is of the earth. He's a bricoleur (handy man in the house?) and normally has a strong body although he often likes television and fried food too much and so grows fat when he's older. He likes women with generous decolletage who are great cooks. He is loud and can be quite embarrasing in public. When they have children they see this is proof that they are a real man.

3) The createur. This man is like air. He is everywhere and in his mind he is still a child playing at life like it is a story. They don't eat so well but can be charming like flowers and sunsets. Createurs are very attracted to women who are difficult because she becomes a challenge in their story and a muse. They like children but don't understand the responsibility. They think the child is a toy.

Then this afternoon I was sitting in a cafe and thinking about this list - and really it's so short. So I started writing and I found more types of men. There is (4) Papa Noel. This man is kind and generous and caring, like an uncle who adores children and cares for small birds and grows his own vegetables but remains modest. This man is the boy next door who has grown up. He only loves woman who are caring, like nurses, and gentle like feathers. His women are quiet and make great puddings from summer fruits. Also there is (5) The Lion, a man who is always charismatic and in the stage light, like actors yes and rock stars but also flamboyant politicians (Sarkosy, a little, Berlusconi, completement). This man sometimes forgets that he is a man and thinks he is a personality. He needs a beautiful woman to show to the world but who won't give him her shadow.

So then I was thinking, perhaps I have them all. But, how crazy! I forget (6) The Gigolo. This man is exquisite. A good Gigolo is a man who knows you know he is a Gigolo and yet you can't resist it and he knows you can't resist it. And the best Gigolos make you feel great about yourself even though you know you've been too weak to resist him even though you know he is a Gigolo. They are the best. And this man can be rich or poor but he adores women, and that makes us feel like a Goddess, and that is worth the sadness when he moves along to his next encounter.

And so there my list stops. I have six types of men. I thought may be it would be good to have seven - one for each day of the week but my mind is filled with ideas of these categories and my lovers who match them. How fascinating, really. I'm not sure that I have a best category. I think all has some benefits. And also of course men can have qualities from each area.

Anyway, I may be going on a holiday soon. Paris is so empty in August except for the tourists of course. Charley is going to Switzerland soon and asks if I like to come along. How great. Cuckoo clocks and chocolate and mountain air. We talk this week to confirm everthing. I tell you more then. Goodnight. What a great weekend, Lzb

WHAT type of man are you always dating that is bad for your happiness? Tell me and I think of another category for you

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  1. Sundays you need paperboys and baristas, perhaps inanimate objects!
    Sundays are supposedly for resting, My Dear.
    Lazybird, I salute you!